Raspberry Pi Temp Sensor

Here is how I setup Dallas DS18B20 one wire temp sensors on my Raspberry Pi.

I used a 3 pin computer fan female connector and slid the Dallas one wire sensor in. I used the color code shown above.

Then then I hooked it up to the Pi using the diagram below:

Ref: http://projects.privateeyepi.com/home/temperature-sensor-project-using-ds18b20

Here is my very ugly implementation of the above:

And then secured in shrink tubing:

Thats it, same script as my other sensors. I will post a link when I find it.

Quick, inexpensive, and proven (to me) desiccant solution

Here is a quick, inexpensive, and proven (to me) desiccant solution I have used for a couple years to help keep the tools in my shop and the ammo rust and moisture free. We are in Central Texas and the tools are in a non-climate controlled but insulated metal building. Details of that are HERE.

So far no rust on any tools and all my ammo looks good.

Here is what you need:

1 bag Silicone kitty litter

Paint Strainers

Zip strip

1 cup measuring cup

I pour the kitty litter into a plastic container for easier use. Then I measure 1 solid cup of kitty litter out and pour it into an empty paint strainer. There is some silicone dust that I shack out through the strainer and then zip strip the top closed. I then add 1 strainer per ammo can and 1 strainer per tool drawer.

Here is a shot of what I use and what the strainers look like when I am done:

Here is a picture of old/used desiccant vs. new. New is the brighter stuff in the cup:

5-25-18: Just refreshed the shop desiccant, still rust free!

Also found these little “gift bags” at Dollar Tree for you guessed it, just a buck:

Great for small spaces…