Elgin Shop – Getting all the storage I can – Under the Out Feed Table

I noticed unused storage space under my out feed table. So I made some simple boxes to store what I can in the unused space.
I started by cutting 3 – 2 foot by 4 foot bases out of some left over plywood I had laying around. Then I screwed on some 2×6 decking boards:
Then put on 4 2 inch casters from Harbor Freight:
I got some storage containers from the Dollar Tree filled them up and labeled them:
Then slid it into place:

Lumber Storage Solution

I was looking for a lumber storage solution and I ran across Shop Notes 55 They call it a Roll-Around Store-All on page 24 of issue #55. The thing is cool!
So I built one. Started with the base:
I put the dividers in, I did not make mine as fancy. Still works as desired:
Then cut the shelves and added the tower:
I add a shot when I get it loaded up.