Elgin Air Compressor Setup

Got my air compressor setup. Made a couple wood blocks with a 1 inch hole cut in half to mount the gear:
┬áMounted the filter and oiler. I put in a split before the oiler for ‘clean’ air the tools that require oil will be attached after the oiler.
Here it is all ready to go. I installed male connectors to both oiler and clean air outputs. Spool is hooked up to the clean air and I have a hose read for the oiler side.

Elgin Shop Dust Collector – Harbor Freight 2HP Collector Externally Vented – Part 2

Got the first 4 inch pipe run. I am not going to show every run here, just the core run. You will see other runs in future posts.
I am using 4 inch sewer pipe, it is thick enough for what I am doing and much cheaper that regular 4 inch PVC.
I used 2 small sheet metal screws to help hold everything together. I did not glue everything together, I want to be able to take everything apart if I need to.
Here is a shot of a Wye with a blast gate:

Elgin Shop Dust Collector – Harbor Freight 2HP Collector Externally Vented

Back in the shop! I decided to vent my 2 HP Harbor Freight Dust Collector to the great outdoors. Hereis my original HF dust collector installed in the old shop. I will continue to use Thein Cyclone I built so there will only be fine dust blowing out.
First thing I did, while I had everything apart was touch up the paint:
Using 2×4’s and some very long lag bolts we got the Harbor Freight 2 HP motor mounted on the wall. The 2×4’s are mounted to the wall with 5 inch lag bolts screwed into the wall studs, the mounting bracket is bolted on using 2 inch lag bolts screwed into the 2×4’s.
Mounted up the impeller shroud:

I had to notch out one of the 2×4’s to get it to work:

Cut a hole in the wall and attached the vent. I sealed everything up with HVAC tape.
Here is a shot of the outside. Sealed everything up with clear silicone:
Here is what I used to build the vent. Metal 4 inch vent and a metal 5 to 4 inch reducer. Not pictured are 2 rubber 4 inch grommets I used to seal each end of the pipe.
I built a cart to hold the Thein Cyclone and hooked everything up. Added wheels to the cart so I could just roll it out and empty.
Next up if putting in 4 inch PVC for the plumbing.

Elgin Window Replacement

We decided to replace the old single pane windows in the old homestead. Here is what the original mobile home windows looked like:
We removed the shutters and about 100 screws holding in the old window and popped it out. We replaced the windows while the weather was cool so we would not waste more energy than needed.
We took about an inch off the window board:
Then we slid in the new PlyGem double pane tinted windows.
Applied the cedar trim and sealed it up. We will paint it when we do the whole house:
We got these windows at HD for about $100 each. To us they are well worth the investment and we will soon see a return. Now all of our windows are energy efficient, open easily, and have screens.