Elgin Master Bed and Bath Remodel Part 2

We got the floor done and trimmed in the master, came out pretty good.
Got a lot done in the bathroom as well, can not even tell the Garden tub was ever there:
The wife had a great idea to use cloth to cover the access panels on the wall next to the shower. If we need access or just want a change all we have to do is un-tack it.
Still need to do some touch up and finish work but it is done for the most part.

Elgin Master Bed and Bath Remodel Part 1

It is hotter than heck outside so it is time to do some indoor projects. One of the big ones we have been wanting to do is remove the massive, round, ugly garden tub from the master bath. I think the pool in our other house was smaller than this thing. And yes, that is shag carpet on the side…
We shut off the water and disconnected the water and drain pipes. Lucky for us there was an access panel making it a lot easier for us. We removed the 4 screws holding it down and the garden tub came right out.
Knocked down and remove the frame and we are left with pipe and a huge hole.
We removed the flooring all the way down to the plywood which is in really good shape minus the massive hole. Very happy about that. Newer homes use OSB we have 3/4 inch thick quality plywood.
We cut and capped all the lines, turned the water back on to make sure we did not have any leaks. Then we placed everything under the floor put in some insulation and spray foamed the hole. We will cut it flush when it is dry and we start to lay the new flooring.
One of the things we did as we are ripping stuff apart is to look at the AC/Heating vents. We noticed that they were dirty and not sealed very well. It looked like they had been taped at one time, but it was worn off.
 We cleaned and re-sealed:
 I don’t know if this happens to other folks, sometimes when you start something you get a little carried away? Yea…. No more carpet in the master or the closet.
Hey the floors look good in here too! Now for some touch up painting and flooring.

Elgin TED Install Part 2

Installed The Energy Detective (TED) Home Pro. After verifying with great folks at TED, I cut off and capped the blue and red wires from the MTU power cable:
I then went to the main breaker box and installed The Energy Detective (TED) MTU power cable. I hooked up the black, hot wire to the ‘A’ side of the 100 Amp circuit breaker feeding the shop and the white, neutral to the neutral bar.
I then attached the 2 Current Transformers (CT)s. Red dot facing the utility.
Then I powered it up.
I was able to keep it all with in the main circuit breaker box:
It is a very long MTU power cable but I made it fit. I verified that I could get to the Footprints software and see the MTU. Then I buttoned it up.
Now I need to setup and play with The Energy Detective Footprints software. I will post how it goes.

Elgin Power Line Communications Part 1

Started wiring up the electrical for the Enphase Envoy solar box and The Energy Detective (TED) devices. Both use Power Line Communication (PLC) . The Envoy uses it to communicate with the micro-inverters and TED uses it to communicate with the MTU that will be hooked up in the breaker box.
I put a 2 plug box straight off the breaker box in the shop, I have a shared neutral and gave each plug its own hot. One will be on the ‘A’ side and the other will be on the ‘B’ side. The Enphase micro inverters come in on both sides and I isolated the Envoy to the ‘B’ side, I will set TED up on the ‘A’ side. Here is a quick Phase explanation page 8
Here is a shot of the breaker box:
Worked for the Envoy, full bars!
Now to finish the rest of the outlets and lights.