Elgin Shop – Climate Control

To keep the shop cool in the summer and warm in the winter we got a 13,000 BTU portable air conditioner / heater combo. This is also related to my last post about the garage door curtain. Part of the reasoning of a portable AC/Heat unit is that it can be used as an emergency backup if required.
Instead of using the window vent kit we used a cloths dryer outdoor vent and piped it through the wall:
  The AC exaust hose is 5 inch so we got a 5 to 4 inch vent adapter from our home improvment store. Put it all together and taped it up with metal duct tape:
Next is the drainage. Here is a shot of what I got:
And an outside shot:

Elgin Garage Door Curtains – Trying to keep it cool

The shop is pretty well insulated. R30 in the attic, walls wrapped with a radiant barrier like thisand then R19 insulation. The weak point was the garage door.
To insulate the roll-up garage door we decide to make curtains out of inexpensive Harbor Freight shipping blankets.
We started bending and cutting 2 pieces of 1/2 inch EMT we had left over. We hung it up with a few eye-screws.
We sewed 2 together to provide the length we need.There are 3 sets that we can easly slide out of the way when we need to use the door.
 We can pull it back a little better and tie it to the wall, but you get the idea.

Elgin Cabinets – Part 3

I got the drawer pull outs for the bottom cabinets built and installed:
Poly’d up the bottom cabinet doors:
Got them installed, Still need to do some adjusting:
Started working on the uppers, Hope to get those finished soon: