Elgin Shop – Electrical Part 3- We Have the Power!

We have the power! Hooked up and on when needed. The panel is exposed and we turn everything off when not in use.

With the breakers in and a couple hooked-up:

Then we started hooking up the plugs:


Started on the other side:

We will continue installing the shop plugs and then the lights. We are going to put the caps back on the floor plugs and hook them up after we do the floor. Then we will shift to the back room, we want to get the shop done first so we can start moving stuff in and use it.

Elgin Shop – Electrical Part 2

What a weekend! The trenching was done Friday after work, went better than expected and we finished the evening ready to lay conduit and 3 strands of 2/0 and one run of #4.

Well….we had no idea that 2/0 was so unforgiving! We laid out the conduit straight to make the run easier, soaped up the cables, and used the riding lawn mower to pull it through.

We then dropped it in the trench and buried it up:

We started early and I really thought we would be done in time to go to town for lunch. We finished up around 6 in the evening, learned a lot and had some quality family time.

Elgin Shop – Electrical Part 1

Started on the electrical. First we ran the cable puller through to make sure everything was clear. Then we put boxes 42 inches up from the floor and ran the plastic conduit:

Next came the breaker box.

Next we ran all the cables. They are all marked, labeled, and color coded, we know what run goes to what. Still need to run the conduit to the breaker box.


Soon we hope to trench in the 3 strands of 2/0 to the breaker box and get it hooked up and start working on the plugs and lights.

Burn Keg

While I am waiting for paint to dry in the shop, I decided to finally convert one of my homebrew keggles to a burn keg. The top is already cut off. I cut rectangles at the bottom to improve airflow. When I was welding on one of the fittings I had a fairly large blow out, when I cut the rectangle it will be like it never happened! I made all the cuts with a 4 inch angle grinder.

Filled the bottom up to the rectangles with sand, put in 2 bricks and set a piece of steel mesh on top of them:

I cut a piece of steel mesh to go over the top as well.

Burn on!

Elgin Shop – Drywall Part 2

Got the Ceiling taped and floated:

Everything got a second coat and was then sanded and cleaned up:

Back room has the same treatment and then textured:

It is hard to see, tried to get a shot around the window:

If the weather allows we will install the interior door and paint next week.