Elgin Shop – Framing the walls Part 2

Got the ‘core’ framing done. Still need to tighten it up, but the big part is done.
I am going to put in some fire breaks and I need to anchor each section to the foundation. I added some extra support brackets. As I stated in other posts, don’t plan to go back in so I will over engineer it as much as I can.
I will be able to hang anything I want on the walls by the time I am done!

Elgin Shop – Framing the Walls Part 1

Started framing the walls! We are doing 16 inch on centers, yes it is over kill but it will allow me to hang anything I want on the walls. My logic is also that the walls will only be open once so I would like to do everything I can.
All the electrical conduit did not line up the way I had planned and we are starting to run into challenges. Here is how we are correcting one of them:
Here is one of the corner pieces:

Elgin Shop – Framing the Ceiling Part 2

Got a little bit more done on the ceiling this weekend. Only have one more complet row and the roll up door row left.

Here is the setup I am using to get it done. Allows me to put up 6 studs at a time. The ends I do with just the ladder. You can see the spring clamp holding the spacer stick or “story stick” lets me move quick and consistently.

I dont think I can get anything done during the week, I hope to get it done this weekend so I can start on the walls.

Elgin Shop – Framing the Ceiling Part 1

Started framing up the ceiling today, I am putting studs 24 inch on center in preparation for insulation and drywall. Here is a shot of the first row:
I made a jig to quickly and easily cut the studs. This keeps everything uniform and lets me get it done quick:
I added some 2x8s on the outside wall to help support the studs and flush out the top.
Here is a shot of today’s work.
Hope to get more done this week, we will see how cold it gets…