Out Feed Tables Drawers

I built my Biesemeyer fence rails and my out feed table not too long ago. I am trying to increase the capability of my Porter Cable PCB270TS Table Saw and not wanting to waste space. So, I built 2 roll out sets of drawers. One for the front under the right side extension table and one for the gap I left on the right of the out feed table. I hind sight, I think I will move the one on the right to the other side, closer to the router table.
All ¾ Ply with rabbits for the carcass with 2 ½ inch locking castersfrom WoodCraft in the front and non locking in the back. Approxmitate dimentions are: 37W x 23D x 34H

The drawers are also ¾ ply with rabbits and dado joints glued and brads holding it all together.

All finished up and tucked away:

This Cyclone Sucks! — Really (Update)

This is an update to my This Cyclone Sucks! post on 3-11-13.

I have to say that I am impressed with this thing! Not only did I get to build it, it is working very well. I have emptied out the trash can of my Thein Cyclone Separator Lid 3 times and I only have about a foot of very fine dust in the bag of my Harbor Freight dust collector bag.

Here is a couple shots of the full can.

And one of the bag.

Miter Saw Station – Cutting it up!

Here is my Miter Saw Station. When I built this counter top I installed T-Track most of the way down. I use it to hold down lots of things, today it is my miter saw.
Here is one of the three stands I made. They are the same height as the miter saw and have the bolts and tighteners to secure them to the T-Track.
I made 3 backs that fit in the T-Track on the stands, 2 of them have T-Track
Get them lined up and secured to the T-Track in the Counter
Pull out the saw.
Secure it to the T-Track in the counter top and hook up the dust collection:
Make sure everything is lined up.
All setup and ready to make repeatable cuts.

Work Sharp Kool-Aid

I drunk the Work Sharp Kool-Aid and now want a place to store everything. I wanted 1 cabinet to hold it all. Here is what I ended up with, made from scraps I had laying around. It is not the prettiest, but it works.
And with the doors:
Now I need to find a place to put it.