Outfeed table

Now that I have the new table saw fence that is much wider than my old one, I need a new out feed table. I kept it simple, birch plywood and standard pine 1×4. Here is a shot of the legs and supports for the long side.
  I added 4×4 blocks to hold t-nut adjustable feed so I dial it in when ready.
I then put the sides on and slid it in place for a test fit:
 I added in some cross members and dropped the top in place.
Put in the bottom shelf and slid it in place for a test fit:

Cut 3, 32 inch miter slots in and a couple coats of sealer

Here it is all ready for use and abuse!

DIY – Biesemeyer fence rails Part 5

Adding the final touches to the AskWoodman Biesemeyer table saw fence. I did not want to leave the ends of the rectangle tube open, personal preference. So I ordered some plugs from McMaster-Carr, Rectangular Finishing Plug for Tube, Ribbed, Fits 2″ X 3″ Tube OD, Packs of 10 Part Number 9474K56. I have 8 extra, I am sure I will use them for other projects.

I noticed that my Very Super Cool Tools table saw fence was not sliding as smooth as I felt it should. I am thinking that it was my paint job on the tube. I got some 000 steel wool and rubbed it down, much better!
Next I followed Alan’s video for adding the measuring tape.  
Worked like a charm! In the first picture you can see it look a little rough from the steel wool.
Here is a better shot of the whole fence.
Here it is all finished up. You might notice that the scratches are gone, I put a couple coats of Johnson’s wax on. Slides really well now 🙂

This was a great project, and I thank Alan and AskSteelMan for posting their how to. It is really not near as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Alan was very helpful and answered all my questions and comments. I now have a high quality American made table saw fence that takes my table saw to the next level. I am sure it will help me make a better product.

DIY – Biesemeyer fence rails Part 4 – Filling the void

Getting close to wrapping this up. The Porter Cable PCB270TS Table Saw never had very much to the right of the blade and now that I extended it a couple feet the gap was really bad. I also need a way to better support the extra weight and stress on the far right end of the table. I set out to fill the void.
I made a frame out of 1 x 4 poplar, nothing fancy, just glue and screwed together.
  I then glued a piece of Birch plywood to the top and tapped it in for a dry fit. Snug as a bug in a rug!
Few coats of ploy and bolted it in.
Added the 4 x 4 legs with t-nut levelers on the bottom. Leveled it out and slid the old out feed table back in place.
Last couple things to do are line up the Very Super Cool Tools fence and put the Starrett SAE / Metric tape on. I ordered some plugs from McMaster-Carr for the 3 x 2 rectangle tube. I will post all that next.

DIY – Biesemeyer fence rails Part 3

Well finally had the time to paint my Biesemeyer fence system and put on my Very Super Cool Tools fence. Here is a shot of the spacing blocks and 2×3 bolt down.
  I dropped the VSC Tools fence on, Sweet! Slides great! It is on the left side of the blade and I need to dial everything in but it is installed and I now have a high quality, American made fence for my Porter Cable PCB270TS Table Saw.
Now on to the extension table. PART 4