Reloading Steps – Pistol

Pistol Single Stage:                                                                       Caliber:_________

 _____ De-Prime

_____ Clean in ultrasonic

 _____ Primer pocket go / no-go

 _____ Swage (if Necessary)

 _____ Lube/Resize

_____ De-Bur flash hole (if Necessary)

 _____ Trim/Chamfer (if Necessary)

            9mm trim to 0.749*

 _____ Clean in wet tumbler

 _____ Load


*The 2015 standard is 0.754” -0.010” is the current range and the middle value is 0.749” . Which should, by tradition be the trim to length.

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Pistol vs Steel

Published on Jul 30, 2017


We got our steel targets from MOA targets . Man is shooting steel fun! We got 1 – 1/4 inch AR400 and 1 – 3/8 AR500 targets. I threw one of the targets I cut into the mix as well. All 8 inch. By the way, the AR400 I thought I had is mild steel, you will see as the video series progresses.

In a nut shell all 3 handled pistol up to .45 at 10 to 15 Yards without penetration. The Mild had some dents, AR 400 and AR 500 nada.

Here is the Color Code:

Black = Mild Steel, We cut
Yellow = MOA Targets AR500
Orange = MOA Targets AR400