Federal Firearms License (FFL) Guide – Intro

In the processes of getting my FFL I found lots of good material on line. It got me prepared for my interview with out a doubt. I realized though that the info on line was dated, so I decided to give back and update the info.

“Acknowledgement of Federal Firearms Regulations

Page references are in Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide (ATF P 5300.4 – December 2014)”

Everything I have seen referenced the 2005 version. I will reference the newer 2014 version located HERE

The single biggest items are your business and zoning. My inspector called the county zoning department to verify my zoning requirements. When he was here he asked for my Doing Business As (DBA) and Sales Tax Permit.

I layed it out by taking each item from the check list and supplying the referenced material under it.

Page 1:


Page 2: