Band Saw Mill Sled


Started clearing the property and we have some logs smaller logs I want to try to mill up myself.
Started by cutting a ¾” sheet of plywood to 24” x 36” and adding in 2, 18” T-Tracks
Measured the distance from the blade side of the miter slot to the blade and used that distance to screwed on the miter bar. Sanded it down and good coat of wax.
Cut 2 13”x36” pieces and put 3/4” rabbits on the ends and back and a 3/4” dado directly in the center:
On one I cut 2 1/4” slots in:
Cut 3 support pieces, put a curve on them and glued them in place. Also drilled holes for the T-Track bolts and knobs.
Setup my rollers and mounted everything up:
Used the slots to secure the log with screws and went for it:
Think it worked out pretty good: